Slotxo and how to earn extra income during COVID 19

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items ever, which in this article we Has gathered additional occupations Or how to do it Giving everyone an income During this covid 19 situation

Slotxo how to earn extra income and a career that can be achieved during covid-19 situations

1.Make dessert or cook food delivery. During this period, people may Do not dare to eat in the restaurant. Reducing the risks would Is important Because if people enter Eating at the restaurant already has the right to meet other customers, even if they That will

protect yourself as well as wearing a mask Use hand sanitizer

or wash your hands often, but if someone else has Not very strict or rarely kept clean Chance that they Will still be infected with Covid 19.

2.Be a food delivery waiter Of course, if there are people, why No. 1 is baking and food delivery, delivery, there must be employees who will act as The intermediary receives food from the seller to deliver to the buyer. Which occupation is Delivery workers were considered to be the most popular occupation during covid 19. Delivery workers were considered to be the

most popular occupation during the covid-19 period, at least reducing the risk of customers. It’s even more convenient and Reduce the exposure more, which the camp Slotxo game camp with gambling games. To choose from, with promotions at